Sprouts Elections Candidate Profiles Winter 2018

Elections will be held November 27th at our semi annual general meeting in the new Sprouts space! Until then, learn more about our candidates below!

Mason Chiu

Running for: Products Coordinator


Hi folks! I'm Mason, the current distributor coordinator and I'm running again to continue next semester. I am a sociology student and topics such as environmental justice, accessable food systems, structures of social and material inequality, critical theory, politics, and social injustice are what hold my attention most of the time. I have extensive experience with Sprouts, volunteering since 2016 and was elected onto the board last year. As a result, I have a strong understanding for our vision, operational mandates, and purchasing policies. Some of the most important things I value and what I think I can utilize with Sprouts are transparent and proactive communication. With productive relationships with relevant initiatives, strong communication avenues can be used to prevent problems that need to be solved from happening in the first place. With the Sprouts space opening up, I feel as though my experience and work ethic will allow our operations to thrive and expand going into the future.

Ultimately, I have had a wonderful time with you all in the wonderful community Sprouts has cultivated. I have a deep respect for all the folks in the past and present who have put their valued time and energy into the organization and community and would love the opportunity to continue to further the Sprouts vision and impart my own values into the future legacy that can do some really great things for the UBC community.

Shadow Feng

Running for: Products Coordinator


As a passionate plant eater, I feel that I embody Sprout’s mission in my personal life. I have been educating myself on food, health and sustainability along my journey of eating plants. I've come to realization that eating is really not just a private matter. Eating is not just an act to keep our bodies nourished and energized, but an interaction with the environment, and it must be done with humility and respect.
I love grocery shopping and buying food products for Sprouts would be a dream come true because I would get to do what I love, foster Sprouts' community and support sustainable economics (which I am dedicating my degree to).
Vote for me. I care.

Marley Sansom

Running for: seedlings cafe manager, Workshops Coordinator


Hey'all! I really care, not only about quality of land and systems producing our food, or quality of meals being served to Sprouts community members. Of equal importance to me are the people; everyone involved in the growing, processing, transporting, cooking and eating of that food are what keep ecologically sound and socially inclusive programs like Sprouts viable. Being part of a program that supports local farms and establishes a welcoming and fun atmosphere for everyone involved is a dream come true! Starting my weeks in the Seedlings kitchen reminds me the power food has to bring people together and nourish our souls, and it motivates me to make conscious consumption choices that are good for my body and the planet. I hope that so many people get to experience a love for cooking, and through my involvement in the executive committee I would want to inspire this to be coupled with a stewardship for the ecosystems that grow our food. Increasing regional food security and literacy are extremely important to me, and I would be excited to pursue these through the sprouts program by selecting choice products from local farms or coordinating events to share knowledge and skills that people can apply to their daily life in an effort to eat more consciously. Sprouts is such a positive aspect of my life and I hope to encourage more people to get involved and uphold similar values! Cheers

Hannah Friesen

Running for: Products Coordinator, Sprouts Store Coordinator, Workshops Coordinator


Hi sproutsy-people! I would like to be a part of the sprouts board so that I can hang out with some rad and passionate individuals who want to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable food system. My passion lies in regenerative agriculture and soil management, which (as we all know) is intimately connected to the complex food system and food security. I spent 6 months this year completing an apprenticeship at an organic farm. This gave me hands-on experience in the sustainable agricultural movement and a deeper understanding of the work that goes into growing organic food. Being a part of the sprouts board, specifically in the role of products coordinator or sprouts store coordinator, would allow me to be involved in providing the UBC community with access to affordable and healthy food that has been produced using responsible agricultural methods. As a workshop coordinator I would have the opportunity to plan events for the community that bring people together to address issues in the food system, while also having fun, meeting new people and learning something new. I have a few workshop ideas, including edible vegetable art, how to use herbs and DIY farmers market bag from recycled material. Basically, I just really love food and cooking food and sharing food and growing food, and I want to share this love with sprouts and the UBC community!

Mariah Kennedy

Running For: Workshops Coordinator, Seedlings Cafe Manager

Hello! I’m Mariah, a third year student in the faculty of arts and I’m interested in the position of workshop co-ordinator. So often, when we learn about the problems in our world, they’re framed in a way that is disempowering and alienating. I love that the Sprouts workshops can turn the conversation around, and share the practical, skill-based dimensions of sustainability. They’re is a way for people to get their hands dirty in building a more just and sustainable world.
They’re is also a way to build community and hang out with interesting people. Changing the narrative around consumption and environmentally-friendly living should be fun! (To quote the queen of resistance, Emma Goldman - “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be a part your revolution.”)
I have experience in facilitating land-based gatherings and workshops, where participants have worked together to learn plant identification, cooking with bush foods, plant medicines, and tracking. These experiences have taught me a lot about community engagement, gentle ways of conflict resolution, non-linear and land-based learning, and event organisation.  
I would bring to this role lots of enthusiasm, a passion for sustainable living/skills, and a desire to co-ordinate exciting workshops that embody non-hierarchical and creative learning.
I would love the chance to be a part of the Sprouts board!

Bryn Gerson

Running for: Seedlings Cafe Manager, Sprouts Kitchen Manager


I'd like to begin by recognizing that UBC's campus resides on the stolen, unceded lands of the Musqueam people. In the context of local foods, we must consider the ongoing colonization and use of this land for agriculture and for other food gathering methods.  
Community and discourse begin at kitchen tables; the incredible potential food holds as a catalyst for relationships and for change has held fast throughout history and across cultures. I hope to help create and maintain the Sprouts food-oriented community as well as to implement community art spaces/events, and incorporate fermented foods and workshops. I am passionate about creating spaces built on love and compassion, where all bodies are welcome, and would be excited to bring this enthusiasm to the Sprouts community. I have barista and baking work experience as well as volunteer experience in the Seedling's cafe last year; I feel quite comfortable and confident with food and coffee prep.
I haven't been around this term due to studying off campus on the islands of Haida Gwaii but will be returning in the Spring for some good 'ol Vancouver rain and gloom.
Thank you beautiful folks for your time and for hearing me out!

In Warmth,

Ellika Cairns

Running For: Sprouts Kitchen Manager


Hi there!
My name is Ellika, and I'm running to be re-elected as one of the Sprouts Kitchen Managers for next term. I've been the Sprouts KM for the past two terms, and I would love to continue being part of the board and to help get the new Sprouts Cafe up and running as soon as possible!
I'm so excited for the opportunities that the new cafe will bring to our volunteers and community, and I believe that my past experience working in various cafes and restaurants has provided me with the skills needed to help get it running. I have many ideas for delicious, sustainable, and affordable menu items, new volunteer training, and general organization of the cafe.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions for me or suggestions of what you would like to see in the new Sprouts Cafe :)

Anna Kroeker

running for: Sprouts Kitchen Manager, Sprouts Store Coordinator


Hi! I'm Anna, and I love food! My family are potato farmers, so I have an a special affinity and love for potatoes!  One of my favourite procrastination methods is trying new things in the kitchen, and showing my meat-eating friends how delicious food without meat can be. I’ve been vegetarian for 9 years, and have been vegan on and off to challenge my cooking and learn to eat less animal products. I love vegetarian and vegan cooking and believe I could bring that experience and passion to the table as Kitchen Manager for Sprouts. I aim to support sustainable food in my own kitchen as well as by volunteering with Seedlings. I’ve absolutely loved being able to cook wonderful food that I’m proud of for people at Seedlings. As well, I have great communicative and organizational skills from working with UBC REC, and have worked in camp kitchens as well as in food service at Cartems donuts. I’m passionate, creative, and would be honoured to get to expand my love of the kitchen by working with such a wonderful board of people to feed the UBC community.

David Ontaneda

RUnning for: Sprouts Store Coordinator


Hey I’m David from Ecuador. As a previous board member and an avid fan since the original sprouts, I am passionate and excited to build a store that is widely used by students and helps students gain access to cheaper, more sustainable, healthier, and simply better food. I have ample business and nonprofit experience and I have a vision to bring the beauty of sprouts to the rest of UBC.

Emma GunN

Running for: IT manager


Hi, I'm Emma and I am in my second year studying computer science. I started volunteering at Seedlings this year, and it's amazing, I'm a big fan of the pancakes. I would love to be more involved with Sprouts by being the IT manager and I think that I would be a good fit for the position! I have experiences creating and managing websites through personal interest and for work positions. I hope I can find new ways to improve the way sprouts uses technology and help with any technical issues. thanks!!

Laura Gordon-Mitchell

running for: IT Manager

Hi! My name is Laura, and I am a First Year student in the Faculty of Arts. I am thinking of majoring in Sociology; however, I am interested in Media Studies as well as Environmental Sustainability. I grew up on a hobby farm in upstate Vermont until the age of 9 when I moved to Toronto. There, my family now lives with two (very very big) dogs, three rabbits and five cats. My father is an Organic Inspector, and thus, I have always been very aware of the environment and the food industry. Growing up, I was constantly outdoors and surrounded by animals and so (being the very opinionated toddler that I was) I became a vegetarian at the age of 4! I transitioned to a solely plant-based diet when I was in Grade 11, and it has had a remarkable impact on my life. The most drastic change has occurred from an environmental standpoint. Sustainability and conscious consumerism are both passions that I wish to peruse in the future. My hobbies include bullet journaling, coming up with as many oatmeal flavors as I can and drinking copious amounts of espresso. I love to draw, paint, photograph, and bake as well as hike and ski. Joining the Sprouts community has been a wonderful experience in my first few months here at UBC, and I look forward to being apart of it for the rest of my time here!  

Paige Roper

running for: Treasurer, IT Manager


My name is Paige Roper and I am a third-year Natural Resources Conservation student in the Faculty of Forestry. I have been a member of the Sprouts community for about three years now and it has been one of my most valuable experiences at UBC. Cooking wholesome food has always been a big part of my life and is so wonderful to share with fellow volunteers and students. I am passionate about the food and community that Sprouts fosters and hope to bring that passion to the next level by being on the board!