Sprouts Elections Candidate Profiles Spring 2019

Elections will be held March 26th at our semi annual general meeting! Until then, learn more about our candidates below!

McKenzie Will

Running for: Volenteer coordinator, Community Eats assistant


Hello hello! My name is McKenzie and I have been volunteering with Sprouts for the past 2 years, and been on the board as the Outreach Coordinator for the past year! I want to keep making good mems and good food with all the lovely people I have met through Sprouts. Having board experience means I already know the ins and outs of Sprouts so we can keep chillin. I love to help feed the people, I love reducing food waste by feeding the people garbage (jokes, its all clean and foodsafe), and I love FREEDOM!

Meryn Corkery

Running for: Sprouts Operations coordinator, Volenteer coordinator, Sprouts box coordinator


Hello all! I'm running to be the Sprouts Ops Coordinator or Volunteer Coordinator or Sprouts Box Coordinator for the Fall Semester. I've been a part of the Sprouts community throughout my undergrad and would love to be on the board for my final semester at UBC. I think I bring a lot of knowledge regarding how different parts of Sprouts works since I've been on the board for over 2.5 years in the past and hopefully can help some of the new board members out and provide support in that way as well!

Emily Whiting

Running for: Sprouts Box


Hi, I’m Em(ily) Whiting and I want to be one of your new Sprouts box coordinators! I’ve been volunteering every Tuesday morning this semester with Olivia and Patricia and I feel ready to take on a higher position of responsibility in our beautiful little Sprouts box family. Setting up the box is always a blast but I would love to be more involved in planning the boxes, ordering veggies, and customer service. I have already learned so much about the inner workings of Sprouts box from the current coordinators and feel excited to learn even more and manage the box at a higher level. Plus, I want to become more active in the Sprouts community and the required 4 hours of volunteer work and board meeting every week sound like the perfect way to do that :)!

Olivia Bird

Running for: sprouts box coordinator, Sprouts Operations coordinator


Hello, my name is Olivia! I have been the Sprouts Box Coordinator for the past two terms now, and it has been an absolute pleasure to serve this veggie loving community. I have dedicated a lot of time into this initiative and have fought for the infamous Sprouts Box to continue in the years ahead. Through my experiences in this role, I am always looking for ways to improve this weekly program. I am knowledgeable in the operational systems of sourcing, budgeting, ordering, and distributing Sprouts Box produce, and I think I would be an asset in continuing in this position on the board. Specifically, I am interested in running for the single term position: as the Sprouts Box Coordinator role for Term 1. Thank you so much!! <3

Ali Nakajima Inglis

Running for: Community Eats director


HELLO I'm Ali and I want to be the Community Eats Director! I was the community eats assistant this year and I enjoyed being a part of the Sprouts board and spreading the awareness of food waste to the UBC community. I'm passionate about food systems sustainability and would love to take the lead on this super cool and important initiative! do me a solid and vote for me!!! Eat garbage and be free :)


Running FOr: Community Eats Assistant


Hi folks! My name is Skylar Zakarin and I am running for the positions of Community Eats Director/Assistant. Through either of these positions, I hope to introduce new donor connections and a wider volunteer scope in order to achieve sustainable growth. I love the Sprouts community - it has been, in my experience, the most welcoming community at UBC. Volunteering is the highlight of my week, every week, thanks to an amazing board member and wonderful fellow volunteers. I feel respected and heard at Sprouts. I want to be involved as a Community Eats Director/Assistant to foster this experience for more students, because I believe that healthy communities are just as important as filling our bellies with healthy foods.

Bryn Gerson

Running for: Seedlings Cafe Manager


Dear lovely folx of the Sprouts community, I am running for the Seedling's Cafe manager position for Fall of 2019. I have been on the board this term, working in tandem with Jay to keep Seedling's serving food and smiles. I know the ropes for daily operations and am comfortable and confident with the kitchen and cafe spaces. Goals for this coming term are: keeping up with cost/benefit analyses to ensure we can keep the space, more student art along with art/wine/music nights, and more volunteer training/bonding/ events! Long story short, I'd love to continue working on this community space if you'd have me.

Hannah Dyck-Chan

Running For: Volunteer Coordinator, Outreach

44532973_1892360440851465_1932102930870042624_n (1).jpg

Hey guys! I’m Hannah Dyck-Chan, and I’m primarily running to be re-elected as one of your Volunteer Coordinators. I’ve been volunteering with Sprouts for what will be three years in the fall, and have been on the board for the past year. As I’ve already held this position for this year, I’m already familiar with how it runs, and, if re-elected, I would take the opportunity to improve upon myself, and pass on my knowledge to the next coordinator. In the next year, I would really like to work on improving the volunteer training process. I recognize that sometimes training can be short and not thorough /consistent enough to teach the amount of tasks involved in being a volunteer. One idea I had to help solve this is to create training videos as a supplement to reading the manual and attending the in-person training. I would also love to continue to be creative with volunteer social ideas - I had so much fun watching movies, making art, and playing music with you all! It’d be awesome to plan and run even more unique events for you guys. Overall, It’s been a blast being on the board, and I’ve meet and learn from so many amazing and inspiring people. It’d be an honour to continue to learn and grow in this position, and continue to give back to a community that has been such a beacon of positivity and inspiration to me for the past three years :).

Devan Stewart

Running for: Community Eats assistant


I'm a fourth year Forest Sciences student specializing in entomology but really I'm just a fungi. I am running for Community Eats Assistant because I want to contribute to making my university and community more sustainable by providing people with healthy food that would otherwise go to waste. Food brings people together and creates a nice space for individuals to express themselves and people to share conversation. If you vote for me, I'll put my heart into this position, and make this community more inviting for anyone who wants to share a meal.

Laura Gordon-Mitchell

running for: Seedlings Cafe Manager, Outreach

Heyyo! My name is Laura and I am at a first-year student in Arts planning to major in (insert something I am interested which I have yet to narrow down)! I pretty much felt at home in BC the moment I arrived. I adore the mountains and the ocean and everything in between (i.e., the trees). I have a passion for food (or a slight obsession whichever you prefer) and would love to share that with the Sprouts community and the UBC student population in the following years. When I'm not thinking about food, making food or eating food, I spend my time taking photographs, making hypothetical travel plans, scrolling the retrieverpuppy Instagram and curating far too many Spotify playlists. I have seen an excessive number of movies, I am one of those vegans you sometimes see eating plain kale, and I more often than not have multiple metal straws and mason jars on my person. If elected for the 2019-20 board, I promise to commit myself to the community and success of Sprouts as it has been an essential aspect of my time at UBC. I want to promote the values of Sprouts as I feel access to sustainable, healthy and, delicious food is something more people need in their lives. I think the concept of Community Eats is one all universities should incorporate as it is such a brilliant way to reduce food waste and feed greatly appreciative university students at the same time.

Micaela Peragallo

running for: Sprouts kitchen manager


Hey everyone! I’m Micaela and I’m re-running for the position of Sprouts Kitchen Manager. This past year has been an amazing growth experience for me, opening a Cafe is not easy! I would love to be able to return to this position and improve on what we achieved this year, creating a better workflow for volunteers and board members alike. I would also like to keep testing recipes with local ingredients so we can continue rotating our menu once per term, and so that future kitchen managers have a solid recipe base to get started each year :)

Mark Walter

running for: Products Coordinator, Sprouts Box Coordinator


Hello my people, I have been serving on the board as one of the volunteer coordinators for the past two semesters. Sprouts has become my community and family on campus where I have made some lifelong friends and memories. I cherish the love and acceptance the Sprouts community provides and can not imagine attending UBC next year without being a part of it. Much love to all of you wonderful people!

River Walter

running for: Seedlings Operations


River is a enthusiastic, out-going human who is hardworking and brings her energy and passion to everything she does. Sprouts has been her community for the past four years and she feels its high time to give back to it. If elected to the board, she would work hard to make sure to continue to create a welcoming supportive space for her fellow students, and continue the legacy left behind my Sara, Farron, and Meryn. <3

Nick Jensen

running for: Outreach, sprouts box


Hey! I'm Nick! I've found myself sucked into the vortex of Sprouts by the inexorable forces of kindness and hard work (not to mention the delicious wafts of y'all's food) that seem to emanate from the place! I would love to be more involved in the community and use my time and effort to spread good food throughout campus. All hail the vortex!

Kaitlyn Cheung

running for: Sprouts operations coordinator


Hi :) I'm Kaitlyn and I'm running for Sprouts Operations Coordinator! I recently joined the Spouts community and love the friendly and cozy atmosphere that the cafe offers. My favourite part of the cafe is it's focus on food sovereignty! I think that it is so important to support local farmers by delivering their nutritious and local food to the UBC community at an affordable price. In the upcoming year I would like to keep the prices low and the food made with love!

Emily Massé

running for: Sprouts operations coordinator

As soon as I had finished my first volunteer shift in the Seedlings kitchen, I knew I had found something I'd be stoked about for the rest of the semester. Every shift became the highlight of my Thursdays, and even the smallest tasks gave me sheer, infallible joy (even the dishwashing). I never thought I'd find such a groovy community on campus, but now that I have I can't imagine leaving it. My desire to be elected stems from how my passion will benefit Sprouts. I genuinely care about the community's drive for food sustainability, which is something that is easily taken for granted in our society. My strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as my organization and adoration for Sprouts makes me a member who'd prioritize my position and complete my responsibilities wonderfully. As an incredibly social person who helps give meaning to my life through the relationships I build, the opportunity to invite others into the community and work with them excites me. These skills would make the community sprout (haha get it?) as I could effectively reach out to others, organize people and schedules effectively, and essentially help others care about our mission as much as I do.

Nour Tawfiek

running for: Sprouts operations coordinator


Hi, I'm Nour a second-year commerce student with a passion for sustainability and people! I am interested in the Volunteer Coordinator & Sprouts Operations Coordinator positions. I am a great extrovert and have developed a strong ability to multi-task and work under pressure whilst still being effectively detail orientated from work experience at Cactus Club Cafe and my developing degree. I am very organized and I intend on extensively improving the operations of seedlings. Here are some random facts about me: I love cats, I am a makeup enthusiast, I have lived in 4 different countries and I can also speak Arabic. Qualifications + Qualities + Goals I have developed a strong set of interpersonal skills from working in the food and beverage industry for over a year and I intend on furthering these skills next year at Sauder in the Human Resources specialization. I believe I can combine these skills to effectively improve operations at seedlings and the front of house setting/aesthetics by incorporating efficient procedures into our operations and improve our organization (e.g. new labels!). I love being part of the sprouts community and I am excited to see you all on Tuesday the 26th!

Joshua Shepherd

running for: Products Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator


My name is Josh and I love food! I helped to run the amazing community eats initiative this year! I would really like to transition my role into securing quality products for our cafe that are as sustainable as possible.

Magena Carlson-Rink

running for: Seedlings Cafe Manager, Community Eats Director


Hi Everyone! I am currently a 4th year student studying Geography (E&S) and International relations and I have been volunteering with Sprouts in the Seedlings kitchen since my first year. I’m running to become the Seedlings Cafe Manager or the Community Eats Director because I am very passionate about vegan cooking, sustainability, local food and community building. I would be a good choice for these positions because I am experienced in vegan cooking, improvising recipes and working within the parameters of the sprouts purchasing policy and the items received through community eats suppliers. I’m excited to use the knowledge I’ve gained over the last few years at Sprouts to help give back to the community and work with the board to get more people on campus involved with Sprouts. Some ideas I have for next year is to work with the other Seedlings’ board members to introduce some additional new recipes or possibly weekly specials. As well, I want to work together to help the kitchen work most efficiently and cultivate a fun environment. Thanks!