Sprouts Election 2017 - Candidate Bios

Ilana Marder-Eppstein - Seedlings Kitchen Manager (1)

I am enthusiastic to run for Seedlings Kitchen manager again and to work with so many wonderful folk in the kitchen, creating glorious meals and getting things spicy (but not too spicy ;)). I feel that I have a beautiful foundation of knowledge about the workings of seedlings that I have built working as the Kitchen Manager this past year and am excited to expand off of this foundation the coming year. I am able to think on my toes during times of Seedlings strife while keeping volunteers and customers happy. I very much hope to be your Seedlings Kitchen Manager once again. Peas and love <3 Ilana

Nikki Lax - Volunteer Co-ordinator (2)

Hey friends! I am applying for volunteer coordinator because I love people and I love logistics. I've volunteered at Seedlings this year but also live with many Sproutlets, so it feels like I'm always around. I work for a non-profit as the Director of Recruitment and Head Farmer Mentor which has given me experience in communicating and organizing people, as well as checking in with them to make sure they're excited about the work they are doing. I am also an executive for the Blank Vinyl Project and manage room bookings - another logistically oriented position that runs on club member communication and stoke building.

Being volunteer coordinator would allow me to further grow my love for Sprouts through managing volunteers so every shift has plenty of hands and plenty of good vibes, as well as help grow this wonderful community even more.

Carly Sable - Distributors & Bulk Buying Co-ordinator (1)

Hey! My name is Carly Sable, and I'm in 3rd year of the Dietetics program. I love cooking, coffee, and I'm also slightly obsessed with putting things in jars. As a Bulk Buying Coordinator, I would hope to expand the already amazing Bulk Buying Club and make it even more accessible to students. I have experience with a bulk buying club in my past and have many ideas to increase usability of this amazing resource.

Jodie Nowell - Volunteer Co-ordinator (2), Sprouts Box Co-ordinator (2)

Hey hey I'm Jodie and I super excited to be running in the sprouts board elections this year! The food at sprouts/seedlings is what initially drew me to the organization, but the community is what has made me want to stick around. You can find me in the seedlings kitchen rocking out and roasting random veggies with the other wonderful volunteers. I've been involved with Common Energy for the past 2 years and have worked hard to implement the mugshare program within Sprouts, Seedlings and Agora. I would love to see this project continue on in the future and would like help see it through on this side. I'm organized and a hard worker, and I'm excited to help bring in new faces into this wonderful community! :) :)

Chany Lapierre - Vice President (1)

Heeyyooo everyone, my name is Cheny, I'm in 3rd year Forestry, and I loooovveee working at sprout, playin good tunes, and drinking all the coffees. As workshops co-coordinator this year I helped bring some sweet events to the Sprouts community. As VP next year, I want to help ensure the Sprouts has as smooth and successful of a transition into a new space as possible while still maintaining our core principles and values (and the brownies, obviously). I very much hope to be your next Sprouts VP and to get to see everyone's beautiful faces around Sprouts and Seedlings next year!

Nicole Oates - Workshops Co-ordinator (1)

Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm currently in my first year of Applied Biology. I have volunteered as a general volunteer in the Seedlings Cafe since the beginning of term 2, and have really come to embrace this wonderful community. I would love to become more involved, and to be able to help organize some creative and cool workshops. I personally really like food, plants and the environment, and would like to potentially be able to organize some workshops about these things that I am passionate about. Of course I would always be open to input, as I would want everyone to feel happy with the selection of workshops available over the course of the year.

Rhys O'Connor - IT & Social Media Manager (1)

Hey guys. I first got involved with Sprouts last year when I realized how cool everyone is in Sprouts and the sense of community and positivity it fosters. I went on to be the IT Manager for Sprouts for the 2015/2016 Winter Term, and had a really good time setting up the website along with my other duties.

This year, the IT Manager position has been modified to include the social media duties previously held by the now defunct Promotions and Outreach Coordinator position. This past year, I was responsible for social media for the UBC Geology Club as well as the social media for the Pacific Museum of Earth, the geology museum on campus. I have a pretty good idea of a social media strategy for next year based on my experience with the Museum, which would include daily posts by the volunteer team spotlighting the various great stuff Sprouts does, including product spotlight, volunteer spotlight, promotion of on-campus sustainability events and lots more. These can easily be cross-promoted on different social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) via the UBC Sprouts website or other tools.

That's it! Namaste.

Sarah Siska - Workshops Co-ordinator (1)

Hi! My name is Sarah Siska, and I am finishing up my second year of studies in the First Nations and Indigenous studies program. I have been a volunteer at Sprouts since September, and I’ve loved every second of it! Through my work and my studies, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of youth empowerment, communities, and the rituals of eating. The Sprouts community blends all of these together in a happy and accessible space; I am so happy that I got to spend this past year as a volunteer, and I would love to be more involved this coming year!
I have extensive experience as a facilitator/coach/educator, and over the past several years I have facilitated workshops in around the world on topics ranging from climate change, art and culture, youth social activism and issues of food security in the north. I’m a very creative person, and I firmly believe that the most important thing in life is to keep learning—whether it’s learning about what grows in your backyard and how you can eat it/make crafts with it, what your friends are passionate about, or even as simple as what the names of the people around you are. I think being workshop coordinator would allow me to mix my love of Sprouts with my love of learning with my love of this earth.

Hannah Elbaggari - Community Eats Director (1), Community Eats Assistant (2), Workshops Co-ordinator (1), Bulk Buying Co-ordinator (1)

Hi I'm Hannah Elbaggari. I am a first year in Arts and am running for the position of bulk buying co-ordinator. When I first found Sprouts I immediately felt at home. I am from Berkeley, California and the Sprouts community and atmosphere reminded me of every one of my favorite cafes/hangout spots I would regular at home. That feeling familiarity, as a first year in university, provided a sense of home away from home. I began to regularly visit and volunteer at Sprouts and Seedlings and ever since then have felt so welcomed into the Sprouts family. I want to do more within the Sprouts community and I feel that I can achieve that with this position. Thanks :)

Kat Kott - Volunteer Co-ordinator (2)

Hi! I’m Kat and I believe that healthy and delicious food should be easily available to all. Cooking and eating can be so much more than just menial tasks: they can unite a community, and turn “tasks” into a conscious and enjoyable effort. I’m so glad to have found so many others that agree! I enjoy talking to people one on one, and I’d be very willing to help people get oriented to this organization. I love volunteering at Sprouts, and I’d be happy to help however I can!

Sam & Asia - Distributors & Bulk Buying Co-ordinator (1), Store Co-ordinator (1 of 2)

We are like Nuts to your Nuts peanut butter and fraser valley organic honey between two dank sprouts brownies- the perfect combination. Sam offers seasoned (mostly curry powder) board member experience, and food market analysis expertize, on top of a rocking good attitude and calves that could split wood. Asia may be new to sprouts but she is definitely their biggest fan, she loves food and people and bringing the two together. Together we will run as a singular board member, Sam mentoring and collaborating with Asia throughout the fall before he leaves her to fly solo in January while he is in Spain. We are passionate about bringing Sprouts to the people. For bulk buying we will do this through revitalizing the program and delivering it with a high level of efficiency and smoothness. For store coordinator we will continue to improve what is available in the store within the scope of its new boundaries and challenges, again helping to increase students awareness of sustainable food options.

Josh - Community Eats Director (1)

Hello everyone! I'm running for Community Eats director for a second time! I hope everyone has enjoyed our meals this year. We've worked very hard to make things happen. As many of you know, next year we will be in transition from our current Sprouts location to a temporary space in the New Sub. Given the unusual circumstances, I think I'm a strong candidate for CE director because I have current experience with the program as it has existed for the past several years. I have some ideas as to possibly make the program flexible enough to ensure we can still operate the program if, say, we don't have access to a proper kitchen every Thursday night. Again, I hope you have enjoyed CE this year, I've been so proud of everyone involved and I hope to be re-elected once more!

Deanna Shrimpton - Workshops Co-ordinator (1)

Hi all! I’m Deanna, a 2nd year Physical Geography student and I would be jazzed to be your Workshop Coordinator for next year. I’ve been volunteering for Sprouts for the past year, and I think I’m a good candidate for this position due to my past experience organizing events, in addition to my love for all things veg/homemade. I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Sprouts folks alongside UBC at large. This community is very special, and I would love the chance to arrange events to bring everyone together.

Caterina Marra - Treasurer (1 of 2)

Hola, my name is Caterina Marra! I am a first year student interested in many GRS majors. I am passionate about health and sustainability and that is what has led me to Seedlings and Sprouts. I began volunteering this year in September and have loved every minute of it! Throughout this year I have proved to be a dedicated, punctual and organized volunteer. I hope to become more involved with the Seedlings and Sprouts community by taking on the challenging but rewarding position as one of two treasurers. Although I do not yet have any experience financing, I am very eager to learn how to do the job! Furthermore, I really enjoy pine trees and a good Buddha Bowl :) So vote for me!

Kate Curtis - Volunteer Co-ordinator (2), Community Eats Assistant (2), Workshops Co-ordinator (1)

Hi, I'm Kate. I joined Sprouts because I thought that it was a cool community of people who really cared about each other and our world. So far, everyone has blown my expectations out of the water with respects to both those things. So I would love to help serve this organization that has been so welcoming of me. Coming into Sprouts feels like visiting a friend's house (with tastier food) because there's always someone to talk to. And being a part of the development and continuation of that environment would be an honour.

Myia Antone - Kitchen Manager (1 of 2), Community Eats Assistant (2)

Aloha hombres! I'm Myia and I am studying Environment and Sustainability. What wakes me up in the morning? What feeds my soul? Student run initiatives like Sprouts that offer local, organic, and fair-trade foods accessible to their community. I have been volunteering at Sprouts for the last year and I hope to get even more involved with Sprouts/Seedlings and share the love through community eats. I would love to have the opportunity to learn more in such a great environment and work alongside great people. Community Eats is such an amazing initiative that I support and I would work my hardest to make it the best it can be. So vote for me! Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

Sophie Nataros - Sprouts Box Co-ordinator (2)

I am looking to be more involved in the sprouts community and particularly feel as though the position of the sprouts box co-coordinator is something that I am prepared to take on. As a volunteer for the sprouts box program this past year and an avid vegetable lover, I know I'd be able to approach the position with the ability to ensure effieciency, organization and a smile or two.

Maira Brondizio - Store Co-ordinator (1 of 2), Kitchen Manager (1 of 2)

I've been volunteering for about a year now with shifts at seedlings and as the assistant kitchen manager for this past term. I've had some experience with cooking on a large scale and knowing how the kitchen runs. I really like cooking, and in the past term I've learned a lot about vegan baking and coming up with new recipes. I'm pretty organized and I think I would do a good job in this position!

Josephine Alcyon Hass - Treasurer (1 of 2), Volunteer Co-ordinator (2), Distributors & Bulk Buying Co-ordinator (1), Store Co-ordinator (1 of 2), Community Eats Assistant (2), Sprouts Box Co-ordinator (2), Workshops Co-ordinator (1), Bulk Buying Co-ordinator (1)

Volunteering at Sprouts is a blessing - and I want to share that blessing with others. As I'm sure anyone voting in this election would agree, Sprouts and its' mission of creating a community to connect people, food, and land is rad. But I'm preaching to the choir here; I want to bring more people into the community, not just as patrons, but as volunteers. Volunteering this year has been personally fun and inspiring, and it felt great to contribute to my favourite vounteer-run cafe. I want to help others help, and being Volunteer Co-ordinator is my way to do this. I've always loved bringing people together for good causes - I've served as coaches and camp counsellors, and have organized teach-ins and student walkouts - and I would cherish the chance to do good for Sprouts.

Sprouts Elections 2016 - Position Descriptions


Vice-President (1)

Approximate time commitment: 10-15 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: Well-versed in Sprouts' vision, history, values, and overall operations; conversant in concepts related to food security; highly committed, reliable, and organized.

Position description: The Vice Presidents support the President in long-term visioning as well as guiding the board in day-to-day operation. Other duties include acting as primary media spokesperson for Sprouts, liaising with external parties, attending weekly or bi-weekly board meetings, and chairing board meetings in the President's absence.


Store Coordinator (1)

Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: organized, crafty, interest or affinity for (very simple) design, familiar with use of cash register, “handy-man/woman” skills a bonus

Position description: Two store coordinators work together to ensuring the cleanliness and aesthetic of Sprouts storefront/cafe space, as well as the grocery item selection in accordance with our purchasing policy. The store coordinators set prices and keep store labels updated, maintain and upgrade store/cafe appliances and equipment, maintain active store inventory, work with Volunteer Coordinator to train volunteers in store procedure, communicate with Distributor’s Coordinator to maintain stock of produce, groceries, snacks, and bulk foods in store, communicate with Kitchen Manager to make labels and menus for cafe items, and attend all meetings of the board.


Distributors/Bulk Buying Coordinator (1)

Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: Organized, good communication skills and knowledge of Sprouts vision and purchasing policy.

Position description:  The distributors/bulk buying coordinator organizes the bulk buying club and places the appropriate orders from our three main distributors: Discovery Organics, Horizon Organics, and Pro-Organics.  The distributors coordinator also places orders for the kitchen and workshops, and must ensure effective communication with the appropriate board members at all times.  All purchasing decisions must be made in accordance with Sprouts’ Purchasing Policy.  Responsibilities include ensuring that ordering and payment systems for bulk buying are user-friendly, compiling weekly orders, maintaining contact with Bulk Buyers' Club members for order arrivals and payment. Finally, the distributors coordinator receives orders and ensures that they are accurate upon delivery.


Kitchen Manager (1)

Approximate time commitment: 10 hours per week, Sunday 3-4 hour time commitment

Qualities of the applicant: passionate and creative about cooking with local organic ingredients; familiar with vegan and vegetarian cooking/baking, gluten/wheat free baking; engaging volunteer manager; experience cooking in quantity an asset but not necessary; food safe certified an asset but not necessary upon entry into the position.

Position description: The kitchen managers work closely with the other kitchen managers and kitchen assistants to ensure that all kitchen duties are fulfilled.  How administrative duties (such as ordering food and scheduling volunteers) are divided is up to the discretion of each team of kitchen managers.  Each kitchen manager is in charge of one weekly cooking and baking shift.  For each cooking shift, the kitchen manager plans the menu, orders the food, oversees kitchen volunteers, and ensures that the cleanliness of the kitchen.


Workshop Coordinator (2)

Approximate time commitment: 10-15 hours per month  

Qualities of the applicant: responsible, creative; experience as an educator or workshop facilitator an asset but not necessary; passionate about environmental and food security education; 

Position description: The two workshops coordinators are the principal organizer of Sprouts free monthly (or more) workshop series.. Responsibilities of both positions include managing the workshops email account, scheduling workshop speakers, supervising workshops and brainstorming ideas as a team. Workshop coordinators are also responsible for promoting their events and reaching as many people in the UBC community. Past workshops have included: Bug eating, herb gardens, gluten free baking, kombucha. 

Treasurer (1)

Approximate time commitment: 10-15 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: responsible, has knowledge in financial and managerial accounting, experience is an asset,

Position description: Prepare and enforce the yearly budget, prepare monthly financial statements, process reimbursements, invoices, and journal vouchers with the AMS, ensure accurate accounting is performed, maintain an organized electronic and physical record of finances.

Sprouts Box Coordinator (2)

Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: organized, responsible, timely. 

Position description: These board members manage the Sprouts Box project. Responsibilities include calculating the quantity of food to fill small and large Sprouts Box and communicating orders to the Distributors Coordinator.  The Coordinators also create a weekly newsletter for Sprouts Box subscribers which includes a description of the food included in the box and a recipe that uses some of these ingredients.  The Coordinators manage volunteers who assist with the packing and delivery of the box.

Community Eats Director (1)

Approximate time commitment: 12 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: responsible, creative, comfortable working under pressure; familiar with vegan cooking; experience cooking in quantity an asset but not necessary; food safe certification

Position description: The Community Eats Director organizes each weekly Community Eats along with the help of one or two Community Eats Assistants. 

Community Eats Assistant (2)

Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: responsible, creative, comfortable working under pressure; familiar with vegan cooking; experience cooking in quantity an asset but not necessary; food safe certification an asset but not necessary upon entry into the position.

Position description: The Community Eats assistant work closely with the Community Eats Coordinator managers to ensure that all duties are fulfilled.  The Community Eats assistant is in charge of every second Community Eats.  This involves: planning a menu according to the food received, leading a cooking shift the day before the event while overseeing volunteers, and ensuring smooth proceedings the day of the event.

Seedlings Kitchen Manager (1)

Approximate time commitment: 10-15 hours a week

Qualities of the applicant: Passionate about cooking with locally grown organic food, creative, excellent organizational skills, comfortable problem-solving, food safe certified and asset but not necessary.

Position description: This board member manages the Seedlings Kitchen. Responsibilities include ordering produce/goods and monitoring weekly inventory. Kitchen manager works in collaboration with Seedlings Cafe manager to ensure that all appliances are maintained and cleaned, and also does laundry and recycling. Is responsible for creating Seedlings recipes and training seedlings volunteers. Upholds all Foodsafe requirements in the kitchen and cafe and ensures that space is beautiful and well kept.

Seedlings Operations Manager (1)

Approximate time commitment: 15 hours per week

Qualities of applicant: Excellent leadership and communication skills, ability to problem-solve, organizational skills, good interpersonal skills, willingness to work closely with Vice President, graduate students preferred.

Position Description: This position focuses on Seedlings. The Operations Manager is expected to work with the Kitchen Coordinator to maintain inventory. Responsible for maintaining café appliances and equipment as well as physical and aesthetic aspects of the space. Maintain and facilitate communication between the GSS, volunteers, board members, and the public. Trouble-shoot problems/technical issues as they arise such as broken appliances, warm fridges, flooding etc. Work with the Kitchen Coordinator to ensure all FOODSAFE requirements are maintained. Deal with laundry and recycling. Thoroughly train board members (and volunteers as necessary.) Must have strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills.

Volunteer Coordinator (2)

Approximate time commitment: 10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: Organized, sociable, outgoing, good communication skills.

Position description: The volunteer coordinator recruits and interviews all volunteers for Sprouts at the beginning of the term.  After the initial volunteer recruitment drive, the volunteer coordinator is in charge of all store volunteers.  This involves training volunteers, schedules shifts, keeping records of volunteers’ contact information and schedules.  Throughout the term, the volunteer communicates with the volunteers to update them of any changes in store duties.  The volunteer coordinators are also in charge of organization volunteer socials.


IT/Social media Manager

Approximate time commitment: 10-15 hours per week 

Qualities of the applicant: Committed, reliable, organized. Experience in website management, social media, such as XHTML, Drupal, PHP, Wordpress, and various social media platforms.

Position Description: The IT Manager acts as the go-to for technical issues and website maintenance, including management of the UBC Sprouts gmail group. The IT manager works closely with other board members in promotional tasks, assisting with social media account access.



Sprouts Election Candidates for position of: President

Frances Jones


Hello friends! For those who do not know me my name is Fran. I am a third year geologist and classic Kitsilano mom, minus children. This means I love yoga, good hummus and locally sourced organic food. I have been a board member of sprouts for the past school year and planned events like Community Meets and the Bug Eating Workshop. I would love to be the next president and help Sprouts with its transition to our next space, wherever that may be. As president I would like to increase advertising for both seedlings and Sprouts so more students can learn about this awesome community."

Sprouts Elections 2016: President and Treasurer Position Descriptions


Approximate time commitment: 15-20 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: Well-versed in Sprouts' vision, history, values, and overall operations; conversant in concepts related to food security; highly committed, reliable, and organized.

Position Description: The President acts as head coordinator of Sprouts store/cafe as well as independent projects (Seedlings, Community Eats, The Sprouts Box, Workshops, and the Bulk Buying Club). The President oversees long term planning for these initiatives and guides the rest of the board members in day-to-day duties. Other responsibilities include chairing bi-weekly board meetings, maintaining a positive relationship with the AMS, maintaining integrity of and relationships with Independent Projects, and acts as a booking representative to the AMS.


Approximate time commitment: 20 hours

Qualities of the applicant: responsible, has knowledge in financial and managerial accounting, experience is an asset.

Position description: Prepare and enforce the yearly budget, prepare monthly financial statements, process reimbursements, invoices, and journal vouchers with the AMS, ensure accurate accounting is performed, maintain an organized electronic and physical record.

Applications are due March 14th. Apply now!

Sprouts SAGM Election Candidates


Positions running for: Treasurer, Seedlings Cafe Manager



Hi Folks,
My name is Avery and I am taking my third year in Kinesiology. I've only been volunteering at Sprouts since September this year, and it's been great. I feel connected to Sprouts, and I am compelled to give more to this amazing organization, than I do already.

As a current treasurer within the Fairview Fraser Association, I can say that I have some experience in bookkeeping, however taking up a position at Sprouts opens up far more opportunities to add to my knowledge.

Having worked with the UBC Residence Hall's Association for three years (and counting), I would say that I'm a team player and I have leadership experience. These traits would prove useful as a treasurer, as I will need to be an effective communicator partly because I am sharing the position with two other individuals, but also because I should ensure that most, if not all board members have a clear picture of Sprout's current financial situation. As a leader, who fulfills this position, I have to be clear, assertive and flexible. As a treasurer, I also have to be vocal, organized and transparent.
I have satisfied such criteria in my past and current positions, and as such, I am consider myself suitable for such a position.


Position running for: Kitchen Manager

I've volunteered in Sprouts kitchen on Tuesday nights with Michael and Katelyn since 2nd year (3 years) and also volunteered in Seedlings Cafe for 2 years. I think this displays my desire to really get involved in the Sprouts community and shows that I realize the amount of hard work and time that goes into running the kitchen effectively. Also, I love to get creative in the kitchen in my spare time, cooking and baking are my hobbies and passions. I have a desire to make volunteers feel welcome and loved in the kitchen, and to foster their love of food. I would also love to add new recipes and innovations to the Sprouts menu where I can! 


Position running for: Kitchen Manager

I just want to make yummy treats and get to know you lovely people better! I want to get as involved as I can with sprouts and seedlings to continue to spread the love through food (as I learned from my grandmother).


Position running for: Seedlings Cafe Manager, Store Coordinator

Hello hello! I'm Sophia a second year in applied biology and I would love to be your new Seedlings Cafe Manager! As Cafe Manager, I will make sure that everything is running smoothly which includes caring for the equipment, working with volunteers to keep everything food safe, and running the inventory. I have my FoodSafe certificate and, surprisingly, love to clean/organize so I will definitely make sure that Seedlings is always spick and span. Throughout next semester I would love to coordinate with Promotions/Outreach to do some multimedia promos of the cafe or other awareness projects! My experience in housekeeping, catering, and other volunteer organizations would help keep Seedlings working smoothly. And finally, coffee is wonderful. Let's make lattes together. 


Position running for: Store Coordinator

Hi! My name is Sarah Siska, and I am a second year student in the First Nations and Indigenous studies program. I am passionate about the environment, sustainability, access to healthy food, the importance of co-operatives, and empowering local initiatives, and I believe that initiatives like Sprouts encapsulates all of that. I have a ton of experience in these areas, attending and facilitating various workshops and conferences all over the world on topics of environmental protection, sustainability, and basic community empowerment, allowing me to incorporate a variety of perspectives into all initiatives that I approach. I believe that I would bring a lot to the position of Sprouts Store Coordinator as not only do I have leadership experience, but I love to try and make my environments as cozy and wonderful to be in as possible. I am a firm believer in the fact that sustainability and climate change start at home, with what we eat and our basic actions, and I hope to be able to increase my knowledge and increase awareness of these issues through being able to share and learn from people while serving delicious food. I believe that I can learn a lot from this position, and would love to have the opportunity to learn from and be a more active member in the Sprouts community. 

Kevin Fenwick: Year 3, Commerce

Positions running for:  Seedlings Cafe Manager, Treasurer

I started my hobby of making quality espresso last year. Through my research I have been able to gain a broad base of understanding how to pull shots of espresso, clean different espresso equipment and troubleshoot grinding and espresso problems. Through my work with the equipment at Seedlings and training the board members, I have gained a strong appreciation for what makes Seedlings and Sprouts unique. Buying local, organic, and fair-trade foods, and operating in a space where ethics takes precedent over profits resonates strongly with me. My goal is to make quality shots of espresso and develop procedures to help maintain the espresso equipment within the ethical framework of Sprouts. 


Position running for: Store Coordinator

 Hey! I’m Meryn. I love to cook, bake and most importantly eat well! But I guess I also like to share with others, so that’s why I want to be the Store Coordinator! I hope to make Sprouts even more awesome than it already is by having more local packaged products and supporting more local businesses, and decorating the cafe so its even cozier than it is now. You’ve probably seen me slinging stew and dishing out dope brownies on Tuesday afternoons and I have decided I want to be more involved in the Sprouts community. So vote for me! 


Position running for: Store Coordinator

Hey! I'm Jules, and I'm hoping to be Store Coordinator next semester. I get generally excited over things like hummus, green vegetables and coffee- see why I like it here? I want to learn what I can do to help Sprouts be as cozy, delightful and full of fantastic whole foods as possible. 


Position running for: Treasurer

Hello! I would like to express my interest to be a Sprouts Treasurer for the year of 2016. I started my involvement in Seedlings just this year, but I've grown to love what this organization stands for and everyone who's involved in it. I find it amazing how we all come together to make everything run, and would love to be more involved to play a part in this. I'm in the faculty of Land and Food Systems, so sustainability, nutrition, and accessibility are all fields of interest to me! Along with my passion and enthusiasm in encouraging others to explore what Sprouts has to offer, I'm also experienced in managing money and organizing. I've worked in a retail environment where I've managed provincial sales figures and have also worked in an office, maintaining schedules and records of payments and cash flow. I believe that I would be a great addition to the board member team!


Sprouts Annual Winter SAGM

Hello volunteer and veggie enthusiasts! If you have had a good time this year with us, we would like to welcome you to be more involved with our organization. We are looking for FOUR board members to join us for the positions below:

1 Kitchen Manager
Responsible for the weekly cooking shifts for Sprouts (all the baked goods and yummy stew!). Great position for those interested in cooking or learning about vegan cooking/baking, substitutes for dietary restrictions, etc

1 Store Coordinator
Responsible for the running and operations of Sprouts location. Great for those looking for managing experiences, like to make places cozy, and ordering great local stuff to sell.

1 Treasurer
Responsible for managing both Seedlings and Sprouts' finances. Great for those who love their mullahs

1. Seedlings Café Manager
Responsible for assisting in the operations of the Seedlings Café. Primary responsibilities include caring for the Seedlings espresso equipment, ensuring foodsafe requirements are met and exceeded, and helping the operations manager keep the café up to snuff. Great position for those who have a passion for coffee and a lot of daytime availability. There is also the opportunity to do marketing and design work with the right candidate.

All board members hired will assume their position for a two-term commitment with us, not a bad place to be : )

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 23rd 2015
ELECTION DATE: Wednesday, November 25th 2015