Sprouts Annual Winter SAGM

Hello volunteer and veggie enthusiasts! If you have had a good time this year with us, we would like to welcome you to be more involved with our organization. We are looking for FOUR board members to join us for the positions below:

1 Kitchen Manager
Responsible for the weekly cooking shifts for Sprouts (all the baked goods and yummy stew!). Great position for those interested in cooking or learning about vegan cooking/baking, substitutes for dietary restrictions, etc

1 Store Coordinator
Responsible for the running and operations of Sprouts location. Great for those looking for managing experiences, like to make places cozy, and ordering great local stuff to sell.

1 Treasurer
Responsible for managing both Seedlings and Sprouts' finances. Great for those who love their mullahs

1. Seedlings Café Manager
Responsible for assisting in the operations of the Seedlings Café. Primary responsibilities include caring for the Seedlings espresso equipment, ensuring foodsafe requirements are met and exceeded, and helping the operations manager keep the café up to snuff. Great position for those who have a passion for coffee and a lot of daytime availability. There is also the opportunity to do marketing and design work with the right candidate.

All board members hired will assume their position for a two-term commitment with us, not a bad place to be : )

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 23rd 2015
ELECTION DATE: Wednesday, November 25th 2015