Sprouts SAGM Election Candidates


Positions running for: Treasurer, Seedlings Cafe Manager



Hi Folks,
My name is Avery and I am taking my third year in Kinesiology. I've only been volunteering at Sprouts since September this year, and it's been great. I feel connected to Sprouts, and I am compelled to give more to this amazing organization, than I do already.

As a current treasurer within the Fairview Fraser Association, I can say that I have some experience in bookkeeping, however taking up a position at Sprouts opens up far more opportunities to add to my knowledge.

Having worked with the UBC Residence Hall's Association for three years (and counting), I would say that I'm a team player and I have leadership experience. These traits would prove useful as a treasurer, as I will need to be an effective communicator partly because I am sharing the position with two other individuals, but also because I should ensure that most, if not all board members have a clear picture of Sprout's current financial situation. As a leader, who fulfills this position, I have to be clear, assertive and flexible. As a treasurer, I also have to be vocal, organized and transparent.
I have satisfied such criteria in my past and current positions, and as such, I am consider myself suitable for such a position.


Position running for: Kitchen Manager

I've volunteered in Sprouts kitchen on Tuesday nights with Michael and Katelyn since 2nd year (3 years) and also volunteered in Seedlings Cafe for 2 years. I think this displays my desire to really get involved in the Sprouts community and shows that I realize the amount of hard work and time that goes into running the kitchen effectively. Also, I love to get creative in the kitchen in my spare time, cooking and baking are my hobbies and passions. I have a desire to make volunteers feel welcome and loved in the kitchen, and to foster their love of food. I would also love to add new recipes and innovations to the Sprouts menu where I can! 


Position running for: Kitchen Manager

I just want to make yummy treats and get to know you lovely people better! I want to get as involved as I can with sprouts and seedlings to continue to spread the love through food (as I learned from my grandmother).


Position running for: Seedlings Cafe Manager, Store Coordinator

Hello hello! I'm Sophia a second year in applied biology and I would love to be your new Seedlings Cafe Manager! As Cafe Manager, I will make sure that everything is running smoothly which includes caring for the equipment, working with volunteers to keep everything food safe, and running the inventory. I have my FoodSafe certificate and, surprisingly, love to clean/organize so I will definitely make sure that Seedlings is always spick and span. Throughout next semester I would love to coordinate with Promotions/Outreach to do some multimedia promos of the cafe or other awareness projects! My experience in housekeeping, catering, and other volunteer organizations would help keep Seedlings working smoothly. And finally, coffee is wonderful. Let's make lattes together. 


Position running for: Store Coordinator

Hi! My name is Sarah Siska, and I am a second year student in the First Nations and Indigenous studies program. I am passionate about the environment, sustainability, access to healthy food, the importance of co-operatives, and empowering local initiatives, and I believe that initiatives like Sprouts encapsulates all of that. I have a ton of experience in these areas, attending and facilitating various workshops and conferences all over the world on topics of environmental protection, sustainability, and basic community empowerment, allowing me to incorporate a variety of perspectives into all initiatives that I approach. I believe that I would bring a lot to the position of Sprouts Store Coordinator as not only do I have leadership experience, but I love to try and make my environments as cozy and wonderful to be in as possible. I am a firm believer in the fact that sustainability and climate change start at home, with what we eat and our basic actions, and I hope to be able to increase my knowledge and increase awareness of these issues through being able to share and learn from people while serving delicious food. I believe that I can learn a lot from this position, and would love to have the opportunity to learn from and be a more active member in the Sprouts community. 

Kevin Fenwick: Year 3, Commerce

Positions running for:  Seedlings Cafe Manager, Treasurer

I started my hobby of making quality espresso last year. Through my research I have been able to gain a broad base of understanding how to pull shots of espresso, clean different espresso equipment and troubleshoot grinding and espresso problems. Through my work with the equipment at Seedlings and training the board members, I have gained a strong appreciation for what makes Seedlings and Sprouts unique. Buying local, organic, and fair-trade foods, and operating in a space where ethics takes precedent over profits resonates strongly with me. My goal is to make quality shots of espresso and develop procedures to help maintain the espresso equipment within the ethical framework of Sprouts. 


Position running for: Store Coordinator

 Hey! I’m Meryn. I love to cook, bake and most importantly eat well! But I guess I also like to share with others, so that’s why I want to be the Store Coordinator! I hope to make Sprouts even more awesome than it already is by having more local packaged products and supporting more local businesses, and decorating the cafe so its even cozier than it is now. You’ve probably seen me slinging stew and dishing out dope brownies on Tuesday afternoons and I have decided I want to be more involved in the Sprouts community. So vote for me! 


Position running for: Store Coordinator

Hey! I'm Jules, and I'm hoping to be Store Coordinator next semester. I get generally excited over things like hummus, green vegetables and coffee- see why I like it here? I want to learn what I can do to help Sprouts be as cozy, delightful and full of fantastic whole foods as possible. 


Position running for: Treasurer

Hello! I would like to express my interest to be a Sprouts Treasurer for the year of 2016. I started my involvement in Seedlings just this year, but I've grown to love what this organization stands for and everyone who's involved in it. I find it amazing how we all come together to make everything run, and would love to be more involved to play a part in this. I'm in the faculty of Land and Food Systems, so sustainability, nutrition, and accessibility are all fields of interest to me! Along with my passion and enthusiasm in encouraging others to explore what Sprouts has to offer, I'm also experienced in managing money and organizing. I've worked in a retail environment where I've managed provincial sales figures and have also worked in an office, maintaining schedules and records of payments and cash flow. I believe that I would be a great addition to the board member team!