Sprouts Elections 2016: President and Treasurer Position Descriptions


Approximate time commitment: 15-20 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: Well-versed in Sprouts' vision, history, values, and overall operations; conversant in concepts related to food security; highly committed, reliable, and organized.

Position Description: The President acts as head coordinator of Sprouts store/cafe as well as independent projects (Seedlings, Community Eats, The Sprouts Box, Workshops, and the Bulk Buying Club). The President oversees long term planning for these initiatives and guides the rest of the board members in day-to-day duties. Other responsibilities include chairing bi-weekly board meetings, maintaining a positive relationship with the AMS, maintaining integrity of and relationships with Independent Projects, and acts as a booking representative to the AMS.


Approximate time commitment: 20 hours

Qualities of the applicant: responsible, has knowledge in financial and managerial accounting, experience is an asset.

Position description: Prepare and enforce the yearly budget, prepare monthly financial statements, process reimbursements, invoices, and journal vouchers with the AMS, ensure accurate accounting is performed, maintain an organized electronic and physical record.

Applications are due March 14th. Apply now!