Sprout's Bulk Buying Club is a service open to anyone in the community. Anyone is welcome to look through all the items offered by the three distributors we order from - Horizon, Discovery, and Pro-Organics - and purchase interested items at a wholesale price. 

Why Sprouts Bulk Buy Club is Awesome:

  • Save money
  • Source organic/local/sustainable products of your choice
  • Reduce packaging
  • Cheaper (and more sustainable options) than Costco
  • Delivered right to UBC

Purchase alone or if you're concerned about not being able to eat all the amazing food yourself, share an order with a friend! Food is better enjoyed with other people!  :)

Our Partners:

  • UBC Farm
  • Roots on the Roof
  • Discovery Organics
  • Pro-Organics
  • Pro-Organics
  • Horizons Distribution

Sprouts Bulk But Club runs during UBC's winter session. Membership is $5 per term (September-December/January-April) or $7 per year (September-April). All orders have a 5% transaction fee attached. This is to support our initiative and organization.

How to order:

  1.  View catalogues for products you wish to purchase.
  2. Organize your purchases with friends/family/strangers with similar interest, on payment organization sheet (optional).
  3. 1 person (in which the order will be under the name of) fills out the order sheet (mandatory).
  4. Email order sheet to products@ubcsprouts.ca with "Bulk Buy, Name, Date" in the subject line.
  5. Pay for order by cash/check @ Sprouts (currently in the same location as The Pit) between 9:30am-4:30pm. Pay membership fee ($5 per term/$7 per winter session) if you are not currrently a member.
  6. Receive confirmation of order, delivery date, and final price by email*.
  7. Come to Sprouts on the order delivery date through one week after delivery date for pick up**.
  8. Enjoy your awesome bulk food and repeat. :)

* Prices may vary from what is advertised in catalog do to changes in distributors pricing.

** If the order is not picked up within a week of delivery it will be shipped back to distributor, if possible, for refund (~$20 for processing).


Product Catalogues

Organization Sheet

Order Sheet

Email to: bulkbuying@ubcsprouts.ca

Questions or issues?

Email: products@ubcsprouts.ca     OR     Call: 778-859-9959