Seedlings Event Collaboration Policy

UBC Sprouts is a student-run organization on campus that works to increase student access to sustainable food and build community around environmental sustainability. Seedlings Cafe is a warm and welcoming space that in the past has hosted a range of wonderful events and workshops. We believe that collaboration is key in creating strong communities and hope to continue to collaborate on events with student groups in the future. The following is our policy for collaboration with student groups on events hosted at Seedlings.

Seedlings Cafe Space Rental:

UBC Sprouts rents the Thea Koerner penthouse from the Graduate Student Society (GSS) to operate Seedlings Cafe during the school year. Student groups that collaborate with UBC Sprouts for events will receive a discounted booking fee that the GSS offers to Seedlings to rent the space. This discounted booking fee aims to make sustainability events more accessible and affordable for student groups to organize.  Events that are conducted in collaboration with UBC Sprouts must meet the following requirements:

1) Book the space by completing the Event Collaboration Form and emailing it to

2) Be planned in collaboration with a Sprouts Board Member in charge of an initiative (i.e Workshops, Sprouts Box, Bulk Buying) and/or

3) Keep the Seedlings Operations Manager updated throughout the planning process in regards to logistics of the event

A board member will be present throughout the event to assist you.

Bookings and fees:

Event bookings are only available after Seedlings’ daily hours of operation (9:30am - 4:30 pm)

Space Capacity: 64 people

Rate: Approx $16/hr

Catering and food:

Currently, Seedlings does not have the capacity to cater for events. Groups are welcome to place special baked goods and brownie orders through UBC Sprouts by emailing a request to

Event organizers are allowed to bring outside food into the premise but can not use any of the kitchen equipment without the approval of a Seedlings Kitchen Request. Organizers must request to use Seedlings kitchen or equipment (plates, bowls, utensils, coffee maker, etc.) by filling out the “Seedlings Kitchen Request” section of the Event Collaboration Form. Once the request is submitted and approved the student group will receive a separate contract for the event. A board member from UBC Sprouts will supervise the usage of the kitchen and equipment. Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the event.

Music and entertainment:

Live music events are permitted in our space, we do ask that noise level is respected and that the event organizers are responsible for renting/providing sound equipment.

Terms of Cleanliness:

All plates, bowls, and cutlery must be sanitized and put away. Any kitchen equipment used is to be sanitized and put away. All surfaces, countertops and tables must be wiped down. If any tables and chairs were rearranged, they must be put back the way they were found. Any damages to the Seedlings space or equipment must be reported to UBC Sprouts. The collaborating club will be responsible for any damages.. A board member will be present to assist you with clean up.