Treasurer (one of 2):

Approximate time commitment: 10 - 15 hours per week

Qualities of Applicant: Responsible, good communication skills, knowledge in financial and managerial accounting, experience is an asset

Position Description: Prepare and enforce the annual budget, process invoices, deposits, reimbursements, and all other financial documents through the AMS financial office. Ensure accuracy while organizing financial records. Act as head liaison between UBC Sprouts and the AMS Finance Commission. Since there are two treasurers, the continuing treasurer will help to show you the ropes!


Kitchen Manager (one of 2):

Approximate time commitment: 10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: passionate and creative about cooking with local organic ingredients; familiar with vegan and vegetarian cooking/baking, gluten/wheat free baking; engaging volunteer manager; experience cooking in quantity an asset but not necessary; food safe certified an asset but not necessary upon entry into the position.

Position Description: Due to the transition period this year, for the first semester at least, the Kitchen Manager will not be leading volunteer shifts. Instead, they will be focusing on developing the new menu for when Sprouts reopens, making baked goods for club orders, as well as delivering cooking workshops for clubs. They will work with the existing Kitchen Manager to do so.


IT Manager (1):

Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hours per week  (expect to spend more if things go wrong, i.e. the website crashes, etc)

Qualities of the applicant: Committed, reliable, organized. Familiarity with website management, social media and WordPress; and ability to create website graphics are all plusses. There are also opportunities to build upon existing graphic design and promotion skills, given the right candidate.


Store Coordinator and Fundraising Head (one of 2) :

Approximate time commitment: 10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: organized, crafty, interest or affinity for (very simple) design, familiar with use of cash register, “handy-man/woman” skills a bonus, ability to multitask

Position description: Traditionally, two store coordinators work together to ensure the cleanliness and aesthetic of Sprouts storefront/cafe space. They are in charge of maintaining the grocery side of the store (ie ordering and pricing groceries, labelling, etc). Due to the transition period, the Store Coordinator for the first semester will be in charge of planning for the reopening of Sprouts in Sept 2018 by fundraising for new equipment, finding low cost equipment and decorations, and planning for the grocery side of the Sprouts store. When Sprouts reopens, they will resume their typical duties.


Products Coordinator:

Approximate time commitment: 10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: Organized, good communication skills and knowledge of Sprouts vision and purchasing policy.

Position Description:  The distributors coordinator acts as the representative of Sprouts and Seedlings to our primary distributors. They monitor sales and place the appropriate orders from our three main distributors: Discovery Organics, Horizon Organics, and Pro-Organics.  The distributors coordinator also places orders for the kitchen, bulk buyers’ club and workshops, and must ensure effective communication with the appropriate board members at all times.  All purchasing decisions must be made in accordance with Sprouts’ Purchasing Policy.  Finally, the distributors coordinator receives orders and ensures that they are accurate upon delivery and organized within the store space.


Seedlings Café Manager:

Approximate time commitment: 10 hours per week

Qualities of Applicant: cafe savvy, knowledge of purchasing policy and general Seedlings operations, ability to liaise with different specialty beverage providers (kombucha, tea, coffee)

Position Description: Responsible for assisting in the operations of the Seedlings Café. Primary responsibilities include caring for the Seedlings espresso equipment, ensuring foodsafe requirements are met and exceeded, and helping the operations manager keep the café up to snuff. Great position for those who have a passion for coffee and a lot of daytime availability. There is also the opportunity to do marketing and design work with the right candidate.


Bulk Buyers' Club Coordinator (1):

Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hours per week

Qualities of the applicant: organized, responsible, timely, creative drive

Position description: This board member manages Sprouts' Bulk Buyers' Club. Responsibilities include ensuring that ordering and payment systems are user-friendly, compiling weekly orders, maintaining contact with Bulk Buyers' Club members for order arrivals, payment issues, and refund issues, assisting Product Coordinator to compile weekly ordering list, communicating with Independent Project Coordinators to compile ordering needs, ensure orders are complete upon delivery (shared with Product Coordinator), and attending all meetings of the board.