What is a Sprouts Box?

Sprouts Boxes are weekly local and organic produce buckets. We offer these subscription boxes to not only make healthy and sustainably produced food affordable and accessible to the UBC community, but to also support local food producers.

Each week you can receive either a small box, for a one-time fee of $184, to feed 1-3 people or a large box at $229 to feed 3-4 people.

Important dates:

  • Monday September 24th: First day of the Sprouts Box!

  • Monday November 26th: Last day of Sprouts Box

General FAQ

**When is pick-up?**

Pick up is Mondays at the rooftop garden in the Nest from 11-4 pm. Unfortunately this year, since we do not have a space in the Nest we are unable to hold boxes past Monday 6pm. This will be strictly enforced. If you are unable to pick up at this time, please arrange for a friend or roommate to grab it.

**Do these normally sell out?**

Yes, these usually sell out. This year we are capping the number of boxes at 65. 

**We will not be reserving spots unless they are paid via one of the processes outline below**

Please do not email or message us asking us to reserve you one.

**How do I pay**

Due to the AMS changing our mandatory online payment processor to Showpass, which charges a ~5% fee per transaction, we have some different options for ordering this year. These service charges go back to Showpass and we do not collect any extra fees.


2) CREDIT CARD* - There is a 2.75% fee for credit card transactions

3) ONLINE PAYMENT - (Via Showpass) Reserve and pay for your box online from the comfort of your own home via the link, but pay a hefty fee

*If paying with cash, cheque or credit card in person, please email us at sproutsbox@ubcsprouts.ca to reserve a box size, then text one of the Sprouts Box Coordinators to arrange payment in person on campus.

Patricia - 604-802-7437

Olivia - 604-562-1418

If you have any questions, please contact sproutsbox@ubcsprouts.ca

How does it work?

Every Monday after the Sprouts Box coordinators receive their produce, Sprouts Box volunteers help to organize the fruits and vegetables according to weight and quantity. The produce is then distributed between all of the Sprouts Boxes by box size. When this is finished, usually around 1:00 p.m., the boxes for pick up are moved to our pick-up location (TBD) to await you!


What's in it?

Sprouts Boxes come with assorted local, seasonal produce such as apples, pears, beets, carrots, radishes, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, celeriac, leeks, sunchokes, sprouts, herbs, parsnips, and winter squash. The boxes aren’t customizable, but we offer the option of two sizes so that you can receive the amount of food that’s appropriate for your home.

A box contains assorted fruits and vegetables (all local and organic, of course). A small box is recommended for households of 1-3 people. The exact content varies from week to week. A large box, recommended for households of 2-4 people, contains the same fruits and vegetables as a small box, but in larger quantity.

All Sprouts box subscribers will receive and virtual newsletter that includes news and updates from Sprouts, a summary of the box contents/where they come from, storage tips and some fun recipe ideas.