We are Open!

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Hello friends,

Sprouts and Seedlings are both open as of Monday, September 15th. Drop by Sprouts for some coffee, tea, and baked goods this week. Seedlings is serving lunches. Next week, the full menu should be back at Sprouts and Seedlings. Community Eats starts next Friday, the 26th.

See you there!

Election Results: Winter 2014

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Join us in welcoming our new board members! Thank you to everyone who applied! The amount of interest was phenomenal and we are sad that we couldn’t give a position to every one of you.

See you at the next SAGM! xoxo

President: Lianne Mcradu
Vice President: Esther Huang
Treasurers: Jon Grierson & Angela Li
IT Manager: Anya McGee
Store Coordinator: Olivia Madden
Volunteer Coordinators: Becky Price and Jocelyn Bussieres
Distributors Coordinator: Renee Proulx
Kitchen Manager: Mikaela Nevin
Catering Manager: Michael Annejohn
Bulkbuying Coordinator: Prabhi Deol
Sprouts Box Coordinator: Carlee Cater
Promotions & Outreach: Jacqueline Dorsch
Workshop Co-Coordinators: Hannah Lunn and Matt Rizzo
Community Eats Director: Sarah Wilson
Community Eats Assistants: Mustafa Akhtar & Josh Smith

Seedlings Operation Manager: Rosie Bergen
Seedlings Kitchen Coordinator: Anna Larney
Seedlings Kitchen Assistant: Nelly Leo

Executive Board Candidates – Winter 2014

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The applications are in! Thank you all for the great show of interest! Please find the applicant’s blurbs below.

UPDATE: Because of all the interest for kitchen manager we have introduced a new position!

Catering Manager (1)
The Catering Manager works closely with the Sprouts Kitchen Managers and Seedlings Kitchen Manager to coordinate catering orders placed by customers. All catering orders are sent to the Catering Manager, and it is his or her job to respond to these orders in a timely manner. The Catering Manager must then make the decisions as to whether or not Sprouts/Seedlings is capable of filling an order; based on stock of ingredients and time. The Catering Manager is responsible for making the food and/or coffee for each of the catering orders or passing the orders on to the Kitchen Managers to fill during their kitchen shifts should they agree to this. The catering manager must communicate with Kitchen Managers to order necessary ingredients and make efficient use of time in the kitchen. Finally the Catering Manager is responsible for making sure catering orders are picked up and paid, and containers and coffee carafes are returned.

A reminder that our Semi-Annual General Meeting is taking place March 18th @ 6:00pm in Seedlings.

Find the event on Facebook and see everyone there!


President (1)
Gabriela Arias: 4th Physics
I really believe I can do this.


Lianne McRadu: Currently a 4th year Commerce Student – Operations and Logistics – Concentration in Sustainable Management
Currently a 4th year Commerce Student studying Operations and Logistics, with a concentration in Sustainable Management. Would like to extend my stay at UBC for this position! Have my heart set in doing the position: Committed. Dedicated. Responsible.

In the role of President, I understand the importance of being responsible for the goals, vision, and overarching themes of the organization. I understand the need to be well composed, articulate, and comfortable in a highly visible position. It is important to understand the organizational history and culture, and have the ability to vocalize this internally and externally.

I have been involved at Sprouts during my entire undergraduate experience and have volunteered in several different positions throughout the organization. I was introduced to Sprouts by a friend nearly 4 years ago and quickly became a regular Sprouts “go’er.” The first position I had was Sprouts store volunteer where I was able to meet several of the other volunteers and board members, as well as experience a variety of store shifts. I have also volunteered in the kitchen twice, as well as helped serve at Community Eats. While Sprouts has so many different initiatives to be involved with, I have tried to participate in them through other means such as going to Community Eats, purchasing Sprouts Box, and by eating there regularly.

This past year I worked as the Seedlings Operations Manager where I got a first hand chance at really getting to understand the organization and work closely with the board.

Vice President (1)
Esther Huang: 2nd Year Food, Nutrition, and Health (also Store Coordinator)
Hello! My name is Esther and I’m a second year FNH student and the current Store Coordinator for Sprouts. I have had the absolute pleasure working with all the current lovely board members this year and would love to stay on the board next year as the new Vice President!

I am truly blessed to have Sprouts in my life. After getting involved in Sprouts in first year, I knew that it was going to be an integral part of my academic journey at UBC. Sprouts truly embodies many of my passions, as I have a deep interest in food systems, food security/sustainability, organic food, and awesome people. I believe I am ready to take on the next step and become the VP, as I have a very good grasp on the intricacies of Sprouts’ operations and deep knowledge of its values and mission. I sincerely believe I have the drive, commitment, and skills to take on this position and work closely with the President and future board members to make Sprouts an even better place. Some of the goals I hope to achieve as Vice President include increasing the organizational efficiency of Sprouts and Seedlings, fostering strong links and networks with people in our community, updating our purchasing policy, and assisting with the transition of Sprouts to our new location.

Mucho love to all of you wonderful people!

Treasurer (1)
Angela Li: 1st, Commerce
Hello awesome people! My name is Angela and I would love to be your Treasurer this year! I am a first year student at Sauder and I have been involved with Sprouts for about a year. Sprouts is such a warm place for everyone. I am amazed by the awesome job the board members have done and cannot wait to be like one of them. I am self-motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about the idea of building a sustainable, healthy community. I would be so passionate as part of the team. Vote for me as your treasurer, I promise hard work, dedication and an accurate financial records!
Jon Grierson
Hey all! My name Is Jon Grierson and I will be running for your treasurer position in these elections. I am majoring in Geography – Environment and Sustainabilty and Minoring in Commerce, so I’m stoked to go for something that involves both of the areas that I study. I plan to keep things organized on the numbers side of things; I’m also super excited about the plans for the new place in the SUB. Overall, Sprouts is simply the kind of community I want to be involved in. Thanks.

Assistant Treasurer (1)
No applicants.

Operations Manager (1)
Rosie Bergen: Biology, year 3 (also interested in Seedlings Kitchen Coordinator)
Hi everyone! I’m a third year Biology student and I’ve been volunteering at Seedlings since September. I’ve had a great time getting to know the amazing volunteers and board members of Sprouts and would love to become more involved in the Sprouts community! I’ve learned a lot about Seedlings and the work that goes into making things run smoothly through volunteering there this year and want to learn more through being Operations Manager. I would love the opportunity to maintain and improve the unique atmosphere of Seedlings and to help in maintaining the values Sprouts embraces. The sense of community that Sprouts provides is really special and something I’d love the chance to contribute more to!

IT Manager (1)
Anya McGee: First Year – Combined Major in Computer Science and Physics
Hello! I’m Anya, and I’m currently a first year studying Computer Science and Physics. I really love cooking healthy, sustainable, vegetarian food, and that’s what drew me to Sprouts as soon as I came to UBC. I’ve been volunteering since the beginning of this year, and I definitely want to continue. From computer classes taken in my major coupled with years of spending way too much time on the internet, I have amassed a good amount of technical knowledge. I am experienced with HTML and CSS and coding and web design have been personal hobbies for many years. In addition, I am proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and many other applications. My programming skills are steadily increasing. I am confident that I am equipped with the right background knowledge and tools to become proficient in the software that Sprouts uses, as well as the troubleshooting experience to solve problems when things go wrong. I would love to be able to put this to use and help out!

Store Coordinator (1)
No applicants.

Volunteer Coordinator (2)
Becky Price: Third, Arts (Promotions and Outreach)
Aloha from Asia! My name is Becky and I am interested in being one of the volunteer coordinators. I have taken a semester-long hiatus from UBC and Sprouts, as I have been on exchange in Singapore, but I would love the opportunity to jump back into Sprouts for the 2014-2015 school year. Prior to my absence, I was Store Coordinator along with the lovely and talented Esther Huang. You would often find me in my natural habitat (Sprouts store) on Monday and Friday mornings, scurrying around and ordering produce and products for our grocery store. While Store Coordinator was a great experience, I would like to get involved in another aspect of Sprouts. I am continually amazed with the volunteers that donate their time to Sprouts, and I would love to get to interact with everyone on a more personal level and help make their experience as a volunteer the best possible. I also think that is important to articulate to volunteers that Sprouts is as much their place as it is anyone else’s…bottom line is that volunteer input and ideas are encouraged! Additionally, since we are such a diverse group of people, it can be somewhat of a challenge to facilitate community. I hope to plan volunteer socials and parties where we can all come together and bond, reminding people that above all, Sprouts involvement should be fun (and not a chore!)….that being said, Koerner’s anyone??


Jocelyn Bussieres: 3rd Year International Relations
My name is Jocelyn and I am running for Sprouts Volunteer Coordinator! Over my year as a member of Sprouts I have volunteered at Seedlings, acted as the Seedlings Kitchen Coordinator, had strong involvement (cooking/serving/PR) during Summertime Community Eats and fell in love with every volunteer/customer/vegetable I’ve met along the way.
I have a strong love for food and cooking and have greatly enjoyed the opportunities that Seedlings Kitchen Manager has given me in sharing that love and knowledge of food with others. My amazing experiences with volunteers and board members has sparked my interest in many new aspects of Sprouts, however, and I am very excited to be running for something new! One of the most rewarding parts of working at Seedlings has been engaging with volunteers and learning about everyone’s passions through working with them. I am approachable and empathetic but also organized and focused. Volunteer Coordinator would allow me to truly stretch my enthusiasm for the Sprouts community. I find it exciting to continually spread the word of Sprouts, making our community and experiences accessible to all students; I would commit to ensuring everyone’s positions meet their passions and that everyone is happy along the way. I will also send out fun e-mails and plan bomb events.


Renee Proulx: Environment and Sustainibility (also interested in Bulk Buying or Store Coordinator)
Hello beauties! For those of you that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Renee! I’m in my 3rd year at UBC in geography and I’ve been a cafe volunteer at Sprouts for the past two years. In this time I’ve developed a completely normal obsession for the brownies and a love for both the sprouts community and all amazing initiatives our organization undertakes . I think I would make a great volunteer coordinator because I love organizing schedules and talking to everyone about why they should absolutely become a part of the Sprouts/Seedlings volunteer team. In my non-board member office hours shift I’ve also proven to be okay at the closing excel sheet thing- not excel-ent, but if elected I could work on that. Can’t wait to see everyone at the general meeting, best of luck to everyone running for the board!

Distributors Coordinator (1)
No applicants.

Kitchen manager (1)
Mikaela Nevin: 2nd year biology (also interested in Seedlings Kitchen Coordinator)
Hi everyone! My name is Mikaela and I would love to be one of the new kitchen managers at Sprouts. Currently I hold the position of Community Eats director. I absolutely love cooking, but I also love to bake (just ask my roommates) which is something I don’t really get to do with Community Eats. So, I would love a chance to branch out a bit from CE and bring that passion to the Sprouts kitchen. Due to my involvement in Community Eats, I do have lots of experience cooking in large quantities, and I am very familiar with the AMS kitchen. I am also Foodsafe certified and have previous experience working in restaurant kitchens.


Matthew Harris: 3rd Geography
Last semester I had the awesome role of being one of two Kitchen Managers at Sprouts. At Sprouts it was my mission to create new and delicious recipes every week for Sprouts! Menu items like Pear Burritos, Mexican Spice Brownies, and Pumpkin Spice Latte Muffins. As a Kitchen Manager I also improved relations with Christian, the AMS Head Chef, whose kitchen we have the privilege of using. Every time I work at the kitchen, I make sure to thank each volunteer who spends their time cooking for Sprouts. It is my goal to keep people coming back to the kitchen because they had a good time making good food! I really really enjoyed working as Kitchen Manager, and I hope to be working in the kitchen again! Thank you :)


Michael Annejohn: Arts, 1st year (also Seedlings Kitchen Coordinator)
Hey y’all.

It’s been a blast and a half volunteering as a kitchen assistant this past year- I’ve looked forward every week to Tuesday nights when I get to make delicious food with Matt, Katelyn, and all the other lovely volunteers and board members. It’s been a real pleasure to get to know many of you along the way.

I’d love to become more involved with Sprouts, and having learned so much about it this year I feel I’m ready. Sprouts’ goal of providing healthy, sustainable food and being excellent to each other while we’re at it is very dear to my heart. I’d be just thrilled to throw all my passion and dedication at it!
yong tien cin: 1st year FNH (also interested in Volunteer Coordinator)
T- Tolerant- Of all kinds of personalities and characters
I- Innovative- always thinking of new ideas to improve
E-Enthusiastic- about living out and sharing my passion
N- Nice- Come to me if you have anything, i won’t judge!

C-Considerate- No person can leave hungry after coming in contact with me!
I- Independent- I can bake my own healthy vegan cheesecake without looking at the recipe, I think that is pretty neat.
N- loves Nuts? Well cause’ it crunchy, yummy and one of the most nutritious food around! Spread the love;)

Seedlings Kitchen Coordinator (1)
Anna Larney: First Year – Forest Sciences (also interested in Volunteer Coordinator or Operations Manager)
Swiss chard sometimes makes me tear up. I have spent countless hours dreaming of becoming a beet. And cardamom makes me so giddy I am often unable to do anything but dance upon smelling it.

I really like food. And I really like Seedlings. Therefore, I think Seedlings and I would make a pretty good pair (like, think raw-brownie-ball-and-ice-cold-almond-milk kind of good).


Ernielly Leo (Nelly): First Year Arts (also interested in Store Coordinator)
I am optimistic and energetic. Despite having quite a short experience with Sprouts, I am looking forward to getting more involved in improving this amazing initiative, especially with Seedlings. I work well under pressure, love being in the kitchen, and enjoys working with people, especially with everyone in the Sprouts community. Cooking is my form of art and creativity while at the same time it is also a good stress outlet. I love good food (who doesn’t?) and good company, which I believe is being combined under the many Sprouts initiatives.
I hope to reduce waste caused by left over food by increasing food variety and efficient use of ingredients which will attract more patrons. Being born Chinese Indonesian and having lived in India, I believe I had the privilege of knowing various cuisines that can diversify the menu offered. Through my experience as Cooking Club coordinator in high school, I also bring with me good planning and resource management skills. I also wish to minimise stereotypes that are usually associated with vegan/vegetarian food by having even more yummy vegan goodies out there. Most of all, I am excited and enthusiastic to work with everyone that is a part of this big family of foodies!

Assistant Seedlings Kitchen Coordinator (1)
Claire Livingstone: 2nd year COGS
Hello all! I started volunteering with Sprouts last year and became more involved this year by volunteering weekly at Seedlings and the Sprouts cooking shift. Volunteering at Seedlings is always one of the best parts of my week. It’s introduced me to many great people and a lot of delicious food! I would love to have the opportunity use my creativity and enthusiasm to help Seedlings grow as both a business and a community. Seedlings is a newer initiative and as assistant kitchen manager I hope to help add more delicious food to the menu as well as help out the rest of the seedlings team!

Bulk Buying Coordinator (1)
Prabhnoor (Prabhi) Deol: 3rd Year English Lit (Community Eats Assistant)
Heeeeeeeeey guys!
My name is Prabhi and I am a 3rd year English Lit student with a passion for community and increasing the accessibility of good food to the general public! I was introduced to Sprouts through a few friends and was guilt tripped into being a deliverer for SproutsBox in September 2013. For me, it was a very fulfilling experience and a good excuse to bike around campus for a couple of hours. This summer, I will be running a Garden Project in East Hastings for inter-city kids aged 9-13 and teaching them all about the benefits of eating fresh produce, making healthy food choices, how to cook simple meals and of course getting dirty in the soil! I am very dedicated, ambitious and have great interpersonal skills; so much so that it’s a problem. I spend all my free time talking with people and would love to try my hand at being your bulk buying coordinator.

Promotions and Outreach (1)
Jacqueline Dorsch: 3rd Year- Human Geography
Hello my loves!
What can I say? I’m currently Promotions and Outreach coordinator for Sprouts and I love it! I really should talk about how this past year has been a learning experience for me, how I now feel like I have the skills and knowledge to take Promotions and Outreach to the next level, and how I’m creative, organized, and super involved in the Sprouts community. This is all true, but instead I’ll just say this: I love Sprouts. I love the people. I love the food. I really love the magic that being a part of this community brings to my life. I’m passionate about Sprouts and I promise to continue bringing this passion and love to Promotions and Outreach if re-elected!

Workshop Coordinator (1)
Matt Rizzo: 3rd Year, Geography (also Bulk Buying Coordinator, Sprouts Box Coordinator)
Hello community,
I am Matt Rizzo and I am currently the bulk buying club coordinator at Sprouts, and I’d love to stay on the board as the Workshop Coordinator, or continue to coordinate the bulk buying club or even possibly help with the Sprouts Boxes as a Sprouts Box Coordinator. I love working at Sprouts and feel really at home working here. If I am elected, I will take the position seriously and work as hard as I can to make sure Sprouts continues to provide a comfortable and fun eatery for students on campus that offers a healthier and more affordable alternative to the more costly and often less healthy eateries in the SUB and throughout campus.

Workshops have been great this year, and I think the more workshops we can put on for students and other members of the community on campus, the more we can help students to learn about the food they interact with daily, and ways in which they can make and store and process foods, which in turn can help to empower individuals and foster a sense of community on campus. Thanks for your consideration!


Olivia Angell Madden: 3rd year, Anthropology (also Bulk Buying)
My name is Olivia Angell Madden. I am 3rd year anthropology student and have been a part of the Sprouts community for the last two years. This semester I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to serve as a pseudo board-member and would love the chance to be a part of the board this coming semester. Because I have been a part of Sprouts for a while now I am quite well versed in the responsibilities of being a board member. Also, I have many close friends who are board members and I believe that I have learned a lot from them that would contribute to my success as a board member.


Hannah Lunn: 3rd Year, First Nations Studies major, Anthropology Minor
Hi! My name’s Hannah, and I’ve been pulling espresso for 8 years in Banff, Nelson, and now Vancouver. And surprisingly, still loving it. I love making good coffee, and feeding people healthy food to fuel them on their adventures, whether they are hiking, school, skiing, or an all-nighter at the library. As we know, the university can be a difficult place to obtain healthy and delicious food, and Sprouts & Seedlings have filled that void for me, as well as introduced me to some wonderful new friends.

As a student and teacher of yoga, I have a unique skillset that may be well-suited to Seedling’s spacious area. I would love to introduce yoga workshops at Seedlings, host workshops and discussions around Ayurveda & Yogic wellness, future in-depth barista trainings, in addition to the fantastic workshops that have been hosted this year.

As a third-year First Nations Studies student, I feel there are some really interesting parallels and intersections surrounding the Seedlings and Sprouts ethos around wellness that I could explore through my involvement as a Workshop Coordinator. These issues may include (but are not limited to) issues such as Indigenous food sovereignty, and local Indigenous knowledge around food here in unceded Coast Salish territory.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you all around Seedlings and Sprouts.


Sprouts Box Coordinator (2)
Carlee Cater: Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Second Year
Hello! I am running for the position of Sprouts box coordinator for this upcoming year and am very excited to hopefully join the wonderful Sprouts community! I currently volunteer at Seedlings as well as in the Sprouts and Community Eats kitchens and would love to get even more involved! I love the focus that Sprouts puts on sustainability, as well as locally grown and organic foods and think that the Sprouts box is such a great way for people who share these ideals to enjoy affordable produce outside of the Sprouts store. I personally have an affinity for the goals that Sprouts strives towards and believe that this, along with my intense organization skills, would make me a great fit for this position!

Community Eats Director (1)
Sarah Wilson: 3rd Year, Arts (also interested in Community Eats Assistant, Store Coordinator, IT Manager)
Hello!! Next year I will be a fourth year Arts student studying archaeology. I have been volunteering at Community Eats (both at the Thursday night cooking shift and the Friday morning food-prep) for the past three years. Community Eats has always come first in my schedule and I plan on keeping it that way! As the CE Assistant Director this year, I started a new initiative, with the help of many friends, called the “Soup-er Bowl”. In this event we partnered with the UBC Pottery Club in a fun, food-filled fundraiser for UBC’s Food for Thought.

I am organized, dependable, and laugh a lot! I’ve really enjoyed my spot on the board this year and would love to continue working with the Community Eats team to bring a nutritiously delicious meal to UBC while also preventing food waste!


Mustafa Akhtar: 3 LFS

Community Eats gives me jitters, its an overwhelmingly loving and tight Community! The biggest of smiles and the rad-dest of people motivate me to go back! It’s the favorite part of my week. Over the past years, I have brought in new and innovative ideas to Sprouts, to and beyond Community Eats. I led Community Eats over the Summer and started doing very new things in the kitchen and started doing more than just Soup, which has now become a norm at Sprouts.

Community Eats is a great Community and I always am thinking of ideas of making it bigger! I always work collabaritively with volunteers and other directors to increase the scope of our outreach. This year, I worked with Sarah on Souper bowl and am initiating Community meets (an open mic, community gathering YES!) to harness a sense of Community beyond our Friday lunch. I promise to fill your appetite every week with a well planned lunch and much love that you’d dream about every week.

Think babagonoush, banana pudding, pizza, shephards pie, mango salsa, papaya salsa lasagna, smoothies, ratatouille, raw brownies, raw carrot cake (Yeah! That’s the Community Eats life I am thinking, we did it over the summer, possible much)

Community Eats Assistant (2)
Rosemary Wright: FNH 5th Year (also interested in Assistant Treasurer)
Hi everyone! My name is Rosemary Wright and I am currently a 4th year student studying Food, Nutrition, and Health. I have been helping out at Community Eats weekly since my second year at UBC and have had the opportunity to meet many new volunteers throughout the years. I absolutely love attending Community Eats, talking to different people who share the same passion about reducing food waste and purchasing local produce. I hope to continue my journey here at Sprouts by becoming the Community Eats Director. I am responsible, organized, and love working with the Sprouts community. I will make every Community Eats a conformable and welcoming setting for everyone involved and make sure every person leaves the store with a smile.

Kimberly Wogan: 2nd Year Arts (also interested in Volunteer Coordinator)
Greetings! My name is Kimberly and I’m going to be entering my third year at UBC in Fall 2014 as a double Psychology/Sociology major. I’ve been involved with Sprouts since my first year here and I fell in love with it. Sprouts has essentially become my “home on campus” not only because of the atmosphere it brings but also the amazing people I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with over the past couple of years. I’m passionate about sustainable living and being a part of the community in any way I cam. I’ve always loved Community Eats because of the energy it brings into Sprouts and the way it also brings people together who we only see once a week. I really hope to bring my passion for Sprouts into the board to create new, fun, innovative ideas that will benefit not only Sprouts but the community we’ve gathered. I would be fiercely excited to being a part of Sprouts in a whole new way!


Zoe Juhr-DeBenedetti: first year arts (also interested in Volunteer Coordinator)
I believe that the energy you bring into the universe, is the energy you allow to manifest. As a sprouts board member, I would hope to help positive energy manifest in the lives of the people around me, and share the happiness and love with the community.


Josh Smith: Micb year 3
I first participated in Community Eats this past September by volunteering in the kitchen (at Mikaela’s recommendation no less!) I loved it from day one, and have attended nearly every week since then. I thought this year, I wouldn’t mind stepping up my role in Sprouts through Community Eats by putting my hat in the ring for Community Eats Assistant.


Penny Pang: 2nd year, FNH (also interested in Promotions and Outreach Coordinator)
Hi everyone, my name is Penny and I am a 2nd year FNH student who currently volunteers at Sprouts during Community Eats. Ever since September 2012 I have been signing up for shifts on Fridays just so I can be there to serve the hundreds of hungry students lined up outside the door. It still amazes me how many people there are each week, readily waiting with their tupperware for a cheap and delicious meal. My affinity for Community Eats is allowing me to take the initiative to apply for a position this year so that I may assist in expanding and improving the quality of this great program. Getting elected would mean more healthy and delicious recipes for the future of Community Eats as well as encouraging more students to come give the program a try!