Community Eats: A By-Donation, BYOC (bring your own container) and vegetarian lunch.

We are currently located in the Walter Gage Residence Commonsblock

This initiative strives to decrease edible food waste while building community and awareness. Every Friday, we serve hot, nutritious lunches to hundreds of people in the UBC community from 11:00-2:30 pm. 

Van-Whole Produce, Terra Breads, and other local grocery stores generously give us food that would otherwise be thrown away (yet perfectly safe and good to eat!). Our kind volunteers donate their time on Thursday evenings to cook a large meal. 

I need my own container?!
Using reusable containers and cutlery is a simple way to start making more sustainable food choices.
Incorporating this habit into the routine of our daily lives is the beginning of a sustainable future!

Why donate?
Your donations are used to keep this initiative alive! We use this to purchase staple items that are not donated such as grains, beans, and spices. Any extra funds are used to either support the organization or is donated to a community initiative.

Community Eats cannot exist without the help of its volunteers - drop by the AMS Catering Kitchen on Thursdays after 5 pm to join the kitchen party and make a delicious meal! There are also some perks involved ;)

Email if you would like more information. 

Check out our Facebook group for the latest news and to learn about more upcoming events at Sprouts.