Volenteer application for Term 1 are now closed.

Stay tuned for Term 2 applications!

Make a difference in your community. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Sprouts. As a food co-operative solely run by student volunteers, Sprouts is a friendly and inclusive community that support sustainable eating and provide their diverse skills to help our initiative sprout (ha)!

We operate out of two locations on the beautiful UBC campus: Sprouts, which is currently undergoing renovations in the old SUB, and Seedlings, our eatery with a cozy atmosphere and stunning British Columbia views located on the penthouse of the Thea Koerner House on the northwest side of campus.

Depending on the position, volunteers gain exposure to a variety of experiences including safe food handling, cooking, baking, serving, barista, customer service and much more! As well as promoting healthy and sustainable food practices within the UBC community, you can be sure that the warmth of the Sprouts community and the awesome people you'll meet will make the UBC experience even better. 

We are always looking for positive and energetic people to help us out with our many initiatives. No experience is required and everyone is welcome! However, you must be:

1) A current UBC student with a valid student number
2) Able to commit to a position and its responsibilities for the entirety of Term 1 (we'll have you sign up again for Term 2)

Time Commitment

A pre-determined weekly shift (2-3 hours) from September, 2017 to November, 2017.

By committing to a position at Sprouts/Seedlings, we ask that you respect the organization, your assigned shift, and fellow shift members and supervisor, by notifying your supervisor in advance should you not be able to make your shift. We understand that emergencies and unexpected circumstances do happen. With volunteer coordinators' approval, shift coverages may be allowed but it is ultimately the volunteer's responsibility to find a replacement. Remember, we can't exist without your help, so we will miss you if you don't show up!

We offer diverse volunteer positions: 

1. Sprouts Store Café: Team Member
2. Seedlings Eatery: Team Member
3. Kitchen: Team Member and Assistant
4. Community Eats: Driver, Prep, Helper
5. Sprouts Box: Helper

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Why volunteer?

- Be a part of North America's largest student and volunteer-run food co-op.
- Meet and collaborate with likeminded, dedicated and enthusiastic students.
- Gain valuable experience and learn new skills: team work, cooking in mass quantities, navigating an industrial kitchen, making fast-paced decisions, serving, barista, riding a cargo bike and much more!
- Enjoy a 15% discount on in-store purchases and on Sprouts box subscriptions.
- Join our weekly community meetings and amazing volunteer appreciation socials!

If you want to learn more about what it is like to volunteer with Sprouts, feel free to send an email to our volunteer coordinators at volunteer@ubcsprouts.ca